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Welcome to Calais Elementary!


Our Vision: Calais Elementary School will ensure all its students show personal and academic growth, develop a love and commitment to lifelong learning, and have a strong foundation for making future choices.



Newsletter 4/17/15

Volume 14-15  Issue #29

April 17, 2015

 Dear Calais Families,

Here are a few highlights and reminders for the weeks immediately following vacation. We’ve had a week of wonderful spring weather to gear up for April vacation. Students have been hard at work learning about food production, performing calculations with fractions, writing some of their first complete opinion pieces, making accurate measurements and using those data, and more! We are looking forward to a week for students and staff to rest up and kick the last of those winter cold and flu germs.

Looking ahead to the month of May and first week of June, please know that we will complete our Smarter Balanced Assessment (the new NECAP) exams in morning sessions throughout the month. The total testing time per student should be no more than it was when we administered the NECAP (that schedule was about three 90 minute sessions for each of the two subjects: math and reading). When you are scheduling appointments for the month of May and first week of June, please try to avoid morning commitments so students can participate in the regularly scheduled assessment sessions. Make-up sessions are entirely possible, students, however, often seem to be more relaxed and ready when they are able to complete the tasks with their classmates.

At a recent PBiS Leadership Team meeting, the crew devised a new layer for our school-wide programming. Each month, our five allied arts teachers, Jill Abair, Cat Fair, John Fish, Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss, and Steve Owens will choose one student who has gone above and beyond in meeting one of our Keys to Success. We have also developed a system for students to recognize times when a staff member has been particularly kind, hardworking, or safe. This month we highlighted students and a staff member who have been exceptionally kind to all members of the school community. Ja Massey was honored for his thoughtfulness toward students and staff by Mrs. Abair. Cat recognized Isabel Giammusso’s many years as an unfailingly kind member of the school community. Mr. Fish highlighted Emily Gosselin’s positivity and good heart. Jake Langlois’s caring nature was recognized by Mrs. Holmes-Heiss. Mr. Owens shared that Cedar John consistently and gently supports his classmates as the group works together to learn challenging music content. And finally, Isabel Giammusso shined the light on Ms. Levangie’s constant kindness toward all students. We are looking forward to celebrating students who show exceptional effort in being safe and helping their peers to do the same next month!

Have a wonderful week of April vacation!